SEER – A New Interactive Internet Source Evaluation Tool from Turnitin



For my librarian colleagues:

Do you know how, as academic librarians, we are constantly talking to students about the importance of using credible academic sources? Come on, I know you feel my pain! How many times a day do we say “you need to find SCHOLARLY, PEER-REVIEWED SOURCES” or “Wikipedia is not a reliable source”?!?

Turnitin, the company who provides a plagiarism prevention and online grading resource for students and educators has developed an open access tool dubbed SEER (The Source Educational Evaluation Rubric). According to Turnitin, SEER was developed by working with educators to create “an interactive rubric to analyze and grade the academic quality of Internet sources used by students in their writing” (source). There are five criteria that SEER uses to assign a score to a source: Authority, Educational Value, Intent, Originality, and Quality. YES! That means students and faculty alike would have a way to verify the validity of an online source.

I’ve only recently discovered this tool and have requested the white paper on it to learn more about their development process. Once I have played around with SEER, I will be sure to report back! If you’re interested in learning more about SEER, click here, or to see it in action, click here.



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